Grand Slam Qualification

The Paris International Tournament was selected by the European Go Federation (EGF) to host the Grand Slam Qualification Tournament. The first three players of this tournament will be invited to participate in the Grand Slam which will be played in june 2020 in China. The Qualification winners will be granted all expenses (flight, hotel, food, transfer).

The Grand Slam (GC) is the most prestigious tournament for european Go players. During the last years cumulated price money was over 20000€, with 10000€ as first price. (Price money for 2020 have not yet been announced.) In 2020 16 players will be invited to play the GC by CEGO, the chinese sponsor. Qualied are the 7 european professionals, 2 players leading the Grand Prix bonus point standings at the end of 2019, 2 further best ranked players who won bonus points, as well as 3 players from the Qualification Tournament in Paris, and one wildcard selected by EGF and one by CEGO.

Registration for the qualification tournament is limited to the strongest european players in order to ensure a very high level competition. Participants have to satisfy at least one of the following conditions (see also the EGF paper for 2019):

Only players holding the nationality of one of the EGF member countries (or being resident since at least 10 years) are accepted to participate. You also have to be an “actif” player during the preceding year. Players already qualified to GC by other means cannot participate in the qualification tournament.

The qualification tournament is organised in parallel to the main tournament with the same time schedule and participation fee. Please use the registration form of the principal tournament and add a commentary that you want to play the GC qualification tournament. We will list the participants in the table below.

You can still decide until the end of the restristration on april 11, 2020 until 12h if you prefer to play the GC qualification tournament or TIP.